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Bookshop Review Thessaloniki Edition: Lexis Bookshop 

Lexis bookshop is the first bookshop Zannis and I came across when we visited Thessaloniki. It’s really cosy looking, while it offers a great variety of Greek books and English, American, French, Italian and German magazines -however, some of the magazines are way to expensive for what they are. There was one mag that costed over €30.00!-

I really liked the shop and the products so I could maybe overlook the fact that they were at least slightly overpriced, however the lady who run the bookshop made me feel really unwelcome. She asked me if I needed help at least three times and she was staring at me and Zannis through the entire time we were there. As a result, we didn’t purchase anything from there. 

You can find Lexis bookshop at Grigoriou Palama 7, Thessaloniki, 546 22.


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Bookshop Review Thessaloniki Edition: Βιβλίο… Βάρδια 
(Pronounced ‘Vivlio… Vardia’, it  translates into ‘Book… Shift’.

We really loved ‘Βιβλιο… Βάρδια’, mainly because it mostly features the genres we read (philosophy, classics, supernatural, sci-fi etc), while it also stocks books in English, in really low prices. 

Actually, we found some really beautiful hardcover editions of Jane Austen’s, Edgar Allan Poe’s and Charles Dickens’ complete novels there, for only €15.00, while we also discovered many little paperback classics in English, for €3.00! 

Zannis ended up buying Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s 'A Study in Scarlet & The Sign of the Four' and 'The Hound of the Baskervilles & The Valley of Fear' for only €6.00!

You can find Βιβλίο… Βάρδια at Dim. Gounari 28, Thessaloniki, 546 21. 


Featured in the bookshop directory

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Nova loja!

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The lovely Becky Palfery, from Colours May Vary at Monro House in Leeds. April 2014

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I have been to heaven. It is a book shop in Oia.

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"Uhm… this book seems really interesting!"
#NottingHill #Bookshop (presso www.viaggiovagando.com)

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Project:Read Annotated Book Exchange - Round TWO!

I’ve always loved going back and reading the notes I’ve left for myself in books. Even more, I love reading notes that other people have left in books, it can offer a whole new perspective on a passage, or bring a sense of community and belonging when someone else likes the same passage that you do. You can check out what’s been happening with round one here. We’ve been using the tag: sisterhood of the travelling books. (only because it’s a movie, all are welcome!!)

Here’s the idea: I send someone an annotated copy of one of the above books, you read it and pass it on to someone new! It can be a friend you know in real life, or you can have a contest on your own blog to see if anyone wants to participate. Ultimately I would love to get the books back at the end of the exercise and read the final product, but if not, hopefully whoever ends up with the book loves it too :) 

How to Enter: 

  • Follow me
  • Reblog this post
  • Like this post
  • Follow me on Twitter 
  • Tweet a link to this post and tag @ProjectRead_

Each of the above will get you 1 entry into the contest, if you do all 5 you will have 5 entries (and you’ll be 5 times as likely to win!) My askbox is open if you have questions :) 

Deadline: April 25th 2014

Rules: Whoever is picked will need to provide an address to ship to and as long as the shipping cost isn’t too bad we’ll make it happen. I’ll also include a pack of coloured pens, pick one and annotate in that colour if you want. Or highlight, use postits, use a pencil, try not to dogear though - it causes me physical pain haha. 

Participants from Round One: devine-infinities and abookishwondering, Go follow them!!

Tori from devine-infinities is giving away her copy of The Book Thief this month too! 

4 more days! 

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puppy in a bookshop!