Hey guys! I want to thank everyone so much for their interest in the book annotation exchange project, I am so excited that so many of you are interested in participating.

I decided to pick three bloggers instead of just one for this trial run! 

abookishwondering will be getting my copy of Jane Eyre

devine-infinities has requested her book remain a surprise! 

darrencrisscrossapplejuice will be getting my copy of A Wrinkle In Time.

All three participants said they will be posting about their experience, and they may have a contest of their own to pass the book on to someone new. So follow all of them to stay in touch! 

If you’re interested in following along with these books on their travels, everyone is going to use “sisterhood of the travelling books” as the hashtag. (I’m sorry it’s not gender neutral, but I figured it’s a play on a movie title so it was okay.) 

I will 100% be continuing this project so keep an eye out at Project:Read for another contest coming soon :) 

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